The Postgresql package came from the Redhat v9.0 CDROM.
I have checked the version using psql --version and it showed v7.3.2

The duplication of table names is in the same schema.

How to check the pg_dump version?

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> Currently we are running Postgresql v7.3.2 on Redhat Linux OS v9.0. We
> Windows2000 client machines inserting records into the Postgresql tables
> via ODBC.

> After a few weeks of usage, when we do a \d at the sql prompt, there was
> duplicate object name, ie it can be a duplicate row of index or table.
> When we do a \d table_name, it will show a duplication of column names
> inside the table.

Are you sure you are using 7.3 psql?  This sounds like something that
could happen with a pre-7.3 (not schema aware) psql, if there are
multiple occurrences of the same table name in different schemas.

> It doesnt affect the insertion/updating of the tables, but when we do a
> pg_dump  -Da -t <table_name> <db_name> > /exp/<table_name>.sql, it will
> do a proper backup/dump.

I'd wonder about whether you have the right pg_dump, too.

                                     regards, tom lane

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