Rob Nagler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Mario Weilguni writes:
> > of course both approaches have advantages, it simply depends on the usage 
> > pattern. A case where oracle really rules over postgresql are m<-->n 
> > connection tables where each record consist of two foreign keys, the 
> > overwrite approach is a big win here.

I don't understand why you would expect overwriting to win here. 
What types of updates do you do on these tables? 

Normally I found using update on such a table was too awkward to contemplate
so I just delete all the relation records that I'm replacing for the key I'm
working with and insert new ones. This always works out to be cleaner code. In
fact I usually leave such tables with no UPDATE grants on them.

In that situation I would have actually expected Postgres to do as well as or
better than Oracle since that makes them both functionally equivalent.


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