John Pagakis kirjutas L, 25.10.2003 kell 10:16:
> Christopher -
> Thanks.
> Answer 1:
> I believe auto commit was off (but I'm not at my dev box right now).  I'll
> double-check that and the commit interval.
> Answer 2:
> Ah ha!!  No indexes on FKs.  I'll try that.
> Yes, each baz is a uniquely identifiable.  I had started a SP to create gen
> the key but scrapped it when I saw no rand() function in pgpsql.  Did I miss
> something?

hannu=# select random();
(1 row)

\df lists all available functions in psql

to generate string keys you could use something like:

hannu=# select 'key' || to_hex(cast(random()*1000000000 as int));
(1 row)


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