I run ANALYZE and the problem resolved


Yonatan Goraly kirjutas P, 26.10.2003 kell 00:25:

I am in the process of  adding PostgreSQL support for an application,
in addition to Oracle and MS SQL.
I am using PostgreSQL version 7.3.2, Red Hat 9.0 on Intel Pentium III

I have a query that generally looks like this:

SELECT t1.col1, t2.col1 FROM t1, t2 WHERE t1.x=t2.y AND t2.p='string'
AND t2.q=1

This query is strikingly slow (about 100 sec when both t1 and t2 has
about 1,200 records, compare with less than 4 sec with MS SQL and

always send results of EXPLAIN ANALYZE if you ask for help on [PERFORM]

knowing which indexes you have would also help.

and you should have run ANALYZE too.


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