Vivek Khera wrote:
"JB" == Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
JB> Actually, what OS's can't use all idle ram for kernel cache?  I
JB> should note that in my performance docs ....

FreeBSD.  Limited by the value of "sysctl vfs.hibufspace" from what I
understand.  This value is set at boot based on available RAM and some
other tuning parameters.

Actually I wanted to ask this question for long time. Can we have guidelines about how to set effective cache size for various OSs?

Linux is pretty simple. Everything free is buffer cache. FreeBSD, not so straightforward but there is a sysctl..

How about HP-UX, Solaris and AIX? Other BSDs? and most importantly windows?

That could add much value to the tuning guide. Isn't it?


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