is there any way to update the stats inside a transaction? what i have is
something like:

select count(*) from foo;
-> 0


copy foo from '/tmp/foo'; -- about 100k rows

-- run some queries on foo which perform horribly because the stats
-- are way off (100k rows v. 0 rows)


it seems that you cannot run analyze inside a transaction:

analyze foo;
ERROR:  ANALYZE cannot run inside a BEGIN/END block

i am using version 7.2.3.

any work-a-rounds? should i try updating pg_statistic manually?

On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Among other things, ANALYZE tells postgres how many rows are in the table.  So
> if you add a PK constraint after loading 10 million rows without ANALYZE,
> PostgreSQL is likely to think that there is only one row in the table ... and
> choose a nested loop or some other really inefficient method of checking for
> uniqueness.

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