RC2 is running in production without any apparent problems
till now.  Well its difficult to say at the moment how much speed
gain is there unless the heavy duty batch SQL scripts are run by

Count(*) and group by on large tables are significantly (5x) faster
and better error reporting has made it easier to spot the faulty data.
eg in fkey violation.

Will post the OSDB .15 versions' results on 7.3 & 7.4 soon.


Christopher Browne wrote:
After a long battle with technology,[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Rajesh Kumar Mallah), an earthling, wrote:
the error mentioned in first email has been overcome
by running osdb on the same machine hosting the DB server.

Yes, it seems unrealistic to try to run the "client" on a separate
host from the database.  

I got the osdb benchmark running last week, and had to separate client
from server.  I had to jump through a fair number of hoops including
copying data files over to the server.  The benchmark software needs a
bit more work...

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