Hi Everyone,
I am using PostgreSQL 7.3.2 and have used earlier versions (7.1.x onwards) 
and with all of them I noticed same problem with INSERTs when there is a
large data set. Just to so you guys can compare time it takes to insert
one row into a table when there are only few rows present and when there
are thousands:

Rows Present            Start Time              Finish Time
100                     1068790804.12           1068790804.12
1000                    1068790807.87           1068790807.87
5000                    1068790839.26           1068790839.27
10000                   1068790909.24           1068790909.26
20000                   1068791172.82           1068791172.85
30000                   1068791664.06           1068791664.09 
40000                   1068792369.94           1068792370.0
50000                   1068793317.53           1068793317.6
60000                   1068794369.38           1068794369.47

As you can see if takes awfully lots of time for me just to have those
values inserted. Now to make a picture a bit clearer for you this table 
has lots of information in there, about 25 columns. Also there are few
indexes that I created so that the process of selecting values from there
is faster which by the way works fine. Selecting anything takes under 5

Any help would be greatly appreciated even pointing me in the right
direction where to ask this question. By the way I designed the database
this way as my application that uses PGSQL a lot during the execution so
there was a huge need for fast SELECTs. Our experiments are getting larger
and larger every day so fast inserts would be good as well.

Just to note those times above are of INSERTs only. Nothing else done that
would be included in those times. Machine was also free and that was the
only process running all the time and the machine was Intel(R) Pentium(R)
4 CPU 2.40GHz.


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