After a long battle with technology, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Hannu Krosing), an earthling, 
> Christopher Browne kirjutas R, 14.11.2003 kell 16:13:
>> Martha Stewart called it a Good Thing when [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Rajesh Kumar Mallah) 
>> wrote:
>> > INFO:  "profiles": found 0 removable, 369195 nonremovable row versions in 43423 
>> > pages
>> > DETAIL:  246130 dead row versions cannot be removed yet.
>> > Nonremovable row versions range from 136 to 2036 bytes long.
>> It seems as though you have a transaction open that is holding onto a
>> whole lot of old rows.
>> I have seen this happen somewhat-invisibly when a JDBC connection
>> manager opens transactions for each connection, and then no processing
>> happens to use those connections for a long time.  The open
>> transactions prevent vacuums from doing any good...
> Can't the backend be made to delay the "real" start of transaction until
> the first query gets executed ?

One would hope so.  Some time when I have the Round Tuits, I ought to
take a browse of the connection pool code to notice if there's
anything to notice.  

The thing that I keep imagining would be a slick idea would be to have
a thread periodically go through once for however many connections the
pool permits and fire a short transaction through every
otherwise-unoccupied connection in the pool, in effect, doing a sort
of "vacuum" of the connections.  I don't get very favorable reactions
when I suggest that, though...
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