William Yu wrote:
My situation is this. We have a semi-production server where we pre-process data and then upload the finished data to our production servers. We need the fastest possible write performance. Having the DB go corrupt due to power loss/OS crash is acceptable because we can always restore from last night and re-run everything that was done since then.

I already have fsync off. Short of buying more hardware -- which I will probably do anyways once I figure out whether I need more CPU, memory or disk -- what else can I do to max out the speed? Operation mix is about 50% select, 40% insert, 10% update.

In line with what Tom Lane said, you may want to look at the various memory databases available (I'm not familiar with any one to recommend, though) If you can fit the whole database in RAM, that would work great, if not, you may be able to split the DB up and put the most used tables just in the memory database.

I have also seen a number tutorials on how to put a database on a
RAM disk.  This helps, but it's still not as fast as a database server
that's designed to keep all its data in RAM.

Bill Moran
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