I've been digging around in the code and found where we are executing the
VACUUM command.  VACUUM ANALYZE is executed every 15 minutes.  We haven't
tried VACUUM FULL ANALYZE.  I think I read that using FULL is a good idea
once a day or something.  Just doing a VACUUM ANALYZE doesn't seem to be
preventing our problem.  Thank you for the responses.


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> > The archives of this list provides many ideas for improving performance,
> > but the problem we are having is gradually degrading performance ending
> > in postgres shutting down.  So it's not a matter of optimizing a complex
> > query to take 5 seconds instead of 60 seconds.  >From what I can tell we
> > are using the VACUUM command on a schedule but it doesn't seem to
> > prevent the database from becoming "congested" as we refer to it.  :]
> Our busy website has a cronjob that runs VACUUM ANALYZE once an hour
> (vacuumdb -a -q -z).
> Have you tried going 'VACUUM FULL ANALYZE' (vacuumdb -a -q -z -f)
> instead of a dump and reload?
> Chris

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