On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 04:24:25PM -0500, Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:

> I don't want to add tables to existing databases, as I consider that 
> clutter and I never like using tools that clutter my production 
> databases.  [...]
> Actually, this might be a necessary addition as pg_autovacuum currently 
> suffers from the startup transients that the FSM used to suffer from, 
> that is, it doesn't remember anything that happened the last time it 
> ran.  A pg_autovacuum database could also be used to store thresholds 
> and counts from the last time it ran.

You could use the same approach the FSM uses: keep a file with the data,
PGDATA/base/global/pg_fsm.cache.  You don't need the data to be in a table
after all ...

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