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> Dear all
> We would be recommending to our ct. on the use of Postgresql db as compared
> to MS SQL Server. We are targetting to use Redhat Linux ES v2.1, Postgresql
> v7.3.4 and Postgresql ODBC 07.03.0100.
> We would like to know the minimum specs required for our below target. The
> minimum specs is referring to no. of CPU, memory, harddisk capacity, RAID
> technology etc. And also the Postgresql parameters and configuration to run
> such a  system.
> 1) We will be running 2 x Postgresql db  in the machine.
> 2) Total number of connections to be around 100. The connections from the
> clients machines will be in ODBC and socket connections.
> 3) Estimated number of transactions to be written into the Postgresql db is
> around 15000 records per day.
> The growth rate in terms of number of connections is around 10% per year
> and the data retention is kept on average at least for 18 months for the 2
> databases.
> Are there any reference books or sites that I can tap on for the above
> requirement?

Like another poster pointed out, this is a walk in the park for 
postgresql.  My workstation (1.1GHz celeron, 40 gig IDE drive, 512 Meg 
memory) could handle this load while still being my workstation.

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