Greg Stark wrote:

Jared Carr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

The patch definitely makes things more consistent...unfortunately it is more
consistent toward the slower execution times. Of course I am looking at this
simply from a straight performance standpoint and not a viewpoint of what
*should* be happening. At any rate here are the query plans with the various

The optimizer seems to be at least considering reasonable plans now. It seems from the estimates that you need to rerun analyze. You might try "vacuum full analyze" to be sure.

Also, you might try raising effective_cache_size and/or lowering
random_page_size (it looks like something around 2 might help).

Yep, I had forgotten to run vacuum since I had patched it :P. The overall performance is definitely better,
I will go ahead and tweak the server settings and see what I can get. Thanks again for all the help.

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