Ivar Zarans wrote:
It seems, that PyPgSQL query quoting is not aware of this performance
problem (to which Cristopher referred) and final query, sent to server
is correct SQL, but not correct, considering PostgreSQL bugs.

Personally I don't consider a bug but anyways.. You are the one facing problem so I understand..

Finally - what would be correct solution to this problem? Upgrading to
7.5 CVS is not an option :) One possibility is not to use PyPgSQL
variable substitution and create every query "by hand" - not very nice
solution, since variable substitution and quoting is quite convenient.

Second (and better) possibility is to ask PyPgSQL develeopers to take care
of PostgreSQL oddities.

Any other suggestions?

I know zero in python but just guessing..

Will following help?

qry = "UPDATE table1 SET status = %s WHERE recid = '%s'"
cursor.execute(qry, status, recid)

Just a thought..


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