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> I have some problems on performance using postgresql v. 7.3.2 running on
> Linux RedHat 9. An update involving several rows (about 500000) on a
> table having 2800000 tuples takes in the order of 6 minutes. It is more
> than it takes on other plataforms (SqlServer, FOX). I think that there´s
> something wrong on my configuration. I´ve already adjusted some
> parameters as I could understand memory and disk usage. Next, I send a
> description of parameters changed in postgresql.conf, a scheme of the
> table, and an EXPLAIN ANALYZE of the command. The hardware configuration
> is a Pentium III 1 Ghz, 512 MB of memory, and an SCSI drive of 20 GB.
> Following goes the description:

> -- Values changed in postgresql.conf

> CREATE TABLE jugadas (
>     fecha_ju character(8),
>     hora_ju character(4),
>     juego character(2),
>     juego_vta character(2),
>     sorteo_p character(5),
>     sorteo_v character(5),
>     nro_servidor character(1),
>     ticket character(9),
>     terminal character(4),
>     sistema character(1),
>     agente character(5),
>     subagente character(3),
>     operador character(2),
>     importe character(7),
>     anulada character(1),
>     icode character(15),
>     codseg character(15),
>     tipo_moneda character(1),
>     apuesta character(100),
>     extraido character(1)
> );

Are there any tables that reference this one or other triggers? If so,
what do the tables/contraints/triggers involve look like?

I'm guessing there might be given the difference in the actual time
numbers to the total runtime on the explain analyze.

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