On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 12:04, Conny Thimren wrote:
> Hi,
> This a kind of newbie-question. I've been using Postgres for a long time in a low 
> transction environment - and it is great.
> Now I've got an inquiry for using Postgresql in a heavy-load on-line system. This 
> system must handle something like 20 questions per sec with a response time at 1/10 
> sec. Each question will result in approx 5-6 reads and a couple of updates.
> Anybody have a feeling if this is realistic on a Intelbased Linux server with 
> Postgresql. Ofcourse I know that this is too little info for an exact answer but - 
> as I said - maybe someone can give a hint if it's possible. Maybe someone with 
> heavy-load can give an example of what is possible...

Ok, is that 20 questions per second (20 in parallel taking 1 second
each) or serialized taking 50ms each.

Are they simple selects / updates (less than 10 rows in result set, very
simple joins) or are they monster 30 table join queries?

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