Will an index on the 'data_is_active' column be used or work
as I expect?  I'm assuming that I may have a million entries
sharing the same 'data_lookup_key' and I'll be using that to
search for the active version of the row.

An index just on a boolean column won't be 'selective enough'. eg. The index will only be able to choose 50% of the table - since it's faster to do a full table scan in that case, the index won't get used.

A multi keyed index, however will work a bit better, eg an index over (data_lookup_key, data_is_active).

That way, the index will first be able to find the correct key (which is nicely selective) and then will be able to halve the resulting search space to get the active ones.

BTW, you shouldn't use 'banana', 'pear', etc as the data_lookup_key, you should make another table like this:

id      name
1       banana
2       apple
3       pear

And then replace the data_lookup_key col with a column of integers that is a foreign key to the names table - waaaaay faster to process.


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