On 1/5/04 11:45 AM, Christopher Browne wrote:
> It sounds to me as though the statistics that are being collected
> aren't "good enough."  That tends to be a sign that the quantity of
> statistics (e.g. - bins in the histogram) are insufficient.
> This would be resolved by changing the number of bins (default of 10)
> other value higher than 10).

I did that, but I wasn't sure what value to use and what column to increase.
I believe I increased the date column itself to 50 or something, but then I
wasn't sure what to do next.  I re-analyzed the table with the date column
set to 50 but it didn't seem to help, so I resorted to clustering.

> Clustering would rearrange the contents of the table, and perhaps make
> the histogram 'more representative.'  Increasing the "SET STATISTICS"
> value will quite likely be even more helpful, and is a lot less
> expensive than clustering the table...

What column(s) should I increase?  Do I have to do anything after increasing
the statistics, or do I just wait for the stats collector to do its thing?


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