On Jan 5, 2004, at 1:57 PM, Stephan Szabo wrote:

But, if he's updating the fk table but not the keyed column, it should no
longer be doing the check and grabbing the locks. If he's seeing it grab
the row locks still a full test case would be handy because it'd probably
mean we missed something.

I'm not *sure* it is taking any locks. The transactions appear to be running lock step (operating on different parts of the same pair of tables) and I was going to see if deferring the locks made the difference. It is my feeling now that it will not. However, if there is a way to detect if locks are being taken, I'll do that. I'd like to avoid dropping and recreating the foreign keys if I can since it takes up some bit of time on the table with 20+ million rows.

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