On Tuesday 13 January 2004 16:04, David Hill wrote:
> Hello -
> I am using postgresql to hold aliases, users, and relay_domains for postfix
> and courier to do lookups from.  I am not storing mail in sql.
> I need postgresql to have fast read performance, so i setup index's on the
> tables.  Also, the queries are basically "select blah from table where
> domain='domain.com'";, so i dont need to be able to support large results.
> I will  have a lot of mail servers connecting to this postgresql db, so i
> need to support a lot of connections... but dont need to support large
> results.

Firstly - if you don't know about the tuning guidelines/annotated config file, 
you should go here:

Hmm - small result sets accessed directly via indexed fields, so sort_mem 
probably isn't important to you.

Make sure your effective cache setting is accurate though, so PG can estimate 
whether it'll need to access the disks.

Not sure if clustering one or more tables will help - I'm guessing not. What 
might help is to increase the statistics gathered on important columns. That 
should give the planner a more accurate estimate of value distribution and 
shouldn't cost you too much to keep accurate, since I'm guessing a low rate 
of updating.

You might want to play with the random page cost (?or is it random access 
cost?) but more RAM for a bigger disk cache is probably the simplest tweak.

  Richard Huxton
  Archonet Ltd

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