"Jeremy M. Guthrie" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> With PostGreSQL V7.3.4, a completely reindexed and vacuumed(not-full) foot 
> print was 5.2 gig.  Now some of the disk space(probably 10-15 % was waiting 
> in the FSM to be used).  However, 7.4 comes up at 2.3 gig.  

First thought is that your 7.3 DB was suffering from index bloat (I know
you said you reindexed, but did you get everything including system
indexes?).  The only material space savings in 7.4 over 7.3 as far as
raw data size goes is Manfred's row header size reduction (8 bytes per
row), which wouldn't account for that kind of difference unless you had
a huge number of very narrow rows ...

> Besides the PostGreSQL change I updated my schema to pull out all OIDs
> and 'set storage external'.

Removing OIDs would save another 4 or 8 bytes per row (depending on what
hardware you're on).

                        regards, tom lane

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