thanks for the answer.
It is very interest, because I readet many times that if I write the trigger
in "C" it will work faster.
In wich case will this trigger work faster if write it in "C"?
In all my triggres I have "select ...." or "insert into mytable select ..."
or "update mytable set ...where...".
I need this info because I have a table with ~1.5 M rows and if I start to
update 300 K from this rows it takes ~ 2h.
If I remove the trigger for this table all the time is ~ 1 min.


Tom Lane wrote:

> pginfo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I was supprised that the pgsql trigger take ~8 sec. to insert this rows
> > and the "C" trigger take ~ 17 sec.
> The reason is that plpgsql caches the plan for the invoked SELECT,
> whereas the way you coded the C function, it's re-planning that SELECT
> on every call.
>                         regards, tom lane
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