Tom Lane wrote:
Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

At first I was going to just convert all MSSQL procedures to Postgres functions.
But now that I'm looking at it, a lot of them may be candidates for views.  A
lot of them take on the format of:

SELECT a.cola, b.colb, c.colc
WHERE a.prikey=$1

You'd probably be better off using views, if making that significant a notational change is feasible for you. Functions that return multiple columns are notationally messy in Postgres. A view-based solution would be more flexible and likely have better performance.

Well, I don't see a huge difference in how the application will be built. Basically, PQexec calls will have a string like "SELECT * FROM view_name WHERE prikey=%i" instead of "SELECT * FROM function_name(%i)" ... which really doesn't make life much more difficult (unless there's something I'm missing?)

Thanks for the input, Tom.  I'll definately try out views where possible to
see if it improves things.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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