Couple quick questions.

1. Turning autocommit=FALSE is most useful when using COPY to load
   data to a table and could impact the performance of INSERT of
   similiar data on the same table.

2. What comparison operator is the most efficient when comparing
   text or varchar?  Today the SELECT I use to compare rows in this
   table do a simple row comparison


   but there is a mix of int8, varchar, text in there.  Just fishing
   to see if I should instead use

((A.i1,A.i2,A.i3)<>(B.i1,B.i2,B.i3)AND A.t1!=B.t1)


((A.i1,A.i2,A.i3)<>(B.i1,B.i2,B.i3)AND compare_func(A.t1,B.t1))

where columns iX are integer and tX are text or varchar.

While I'm asking, how is TEXT and VARCHAR compared?  Byte by Byte until
there's an inequality?

Just checking.


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