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>> Sorry I m a little bit confused about the persistent thing!!
>> Is it smart to use persistent connections at all if i expect 100K 
>> Users to hit the script in an hour and the script calls up to 10-15 pg 
>> functions?
>> I have at the mom one function but the server needs 500 ms, its a 
>> little bit too much i think, and it crashed when i had 20K users
> Use the persistent connection but make sure the parameters in 
> postgresql.conf match up with the Apache config. The specific settings 
> are MaxClients in httpd.conf and max_connections in postgresql.conf. 
> Make sure that max_connections is at least as big as MaxClients for 
> every database that your PHP scripts connect to.

        Do you happen to have (or know where to get) some sample configuration 
files for Apache 2 and PostgreSQL for this?  The documentation I've found 
so far is pretty sparse, and sample files would be very helpful.

        THanks in advance.

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