Mike Nolan wrote:
Seriously, I am tired of this kind of question. You gotta get bold enough to stand up in a "meeting" like that, say "guy's, you can ask me how this compares to Oracle ... but if you're seriously asking me how this compares to MySQL, call me again when you've done your homework".

Can they call you at the unemployment office?

It might not work with the words I used above, but the point I tried to make is that the hardest thing you can "sell" is a "no". I mean, not just saying "no", but selling it in a way that the customer will not go with the next idiot who claims "we can do that".

If the customer has a stupid idea, like envisioning an enterprise solution based on ImSOL, there is no way you will be able to deliver it. Paying customer or not, you will fail if you bow to their "strategic" decisions and ignore knowing that the stuff they want to use just doesn't fit.

That is absolutely not ImSOL specific. If someone comes to me and asks for a HA scenario with zero transaction loss during failover, we can discuss a little if this is really what he needs or not, but if he needs that, the solution will be Oracle or DB2, for sure I will not claim that PostgreSQL can do that, because it cannot.


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