> On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Bruno BAGUETTE wrote:
> > > In addition to what Tom said, the row estimates look suspiciously 
> > > default. You mention vacuuming, but do you ever analyze 
> > > the tables?
> >
> > I run VACUUM FULL ANALYZE with the postgres user on all the 
> > PostgreSQL 
> > databases on the server, twice a day, sometimes more.
> Wierd, because you're getting 1000 estimated on both people 
> and organizations.  What does pg_class have to say about 
> those two tables?

I'm sorry but I think that I misunderstand you. Are you telling me that
running VACUUM FULL ANALYZE is weird ? Or do you mean another thing ?

Finally, I've found another way : I've build a MATERIALIZED VIEW that
stores the initial (CHAR(1) of both people and organizations, with an
index on that column. I get excellent results :

 Unique  (cost=0.00..290.34 rows=1117 width=5) (actual time=0.52..267.38
rows=39 loops=1)
   ->  Index Scan using idx_mview_initials on mview_contacts
(cost=0.00..262.42 rows=11167 width=5) (actual time=0.51..172.15
rows=11167 loops=1)
 Total runtime: 267.81 msec
(3 rows)

So, that's a better runtime :-)

Thanks for your help :-)


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