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Has anyone designed/implemented postgresql server on storage networks?

Yes, runs their stuff this way. Probably others as well.

Are there any design considerations?

I don't know. Probably.

Are there any benchmarks for storage products (HBAs, Switches, Storage

Not specific to PostgreSQL. I'm sure there are generic benchmarks. Keep in mind that PostgreSQL needs lots of 2-way I/O, batch writes, and random reads.

Any recommendation on the design, resources, references, keeping PG in

See above. Also keep in mind that PostgreSQL's use of I/O should improve 100% in version 7.5.

We run PG on a SAN array. We currently have it setup so a single PG instance runs off of a single LUN, this includes the WAL logs. Apart from that we have made no other special considerations; we just treat it as a fast RAID array. We haven't got to the stage where the speed of the SAN is a problem as load hasn't increased as expected. This will change, when it does I am sure the performance list will be hearing from us ;-). Out current limitations, as I see it, are amount of memory and then processing power. The only problem we have had was a dodgy set of kernel modules (drivers) for the fibre cards, this was because they were beta drivers and obviously still had a few bugs. This was solved by reverting to an older version. Everything has run smoothly since then (uptime is 153 days :-)).


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