Richard Huxton wrote:
On Friday 20 February 2004 15:35, Bill Moran wrote:

I'm converting a SQL application to PostgreSQL.  The majority of the logic
in this application is in the stored functions in the database.

Somewhere, I saw a reference to "WITH (iscachable)" for stored functions,
looking again, I'm unable to find any reference to this directive.  I have
a single function that is _obviously_ safe to cache using this, and it
generates no errors or problems that I can see.

Now I'm looking at a lot of other functions that, if cached, would speed
up performance considerably.  Yet I'm reluctant to use this directive
since I can't find documentation on it anywhere.

From memory, "iscachable" was replaced in version 7.3 by the three
finer-grained settings IMMUTABLE, STABLE, VOLATILE.

I'm guessing the old behaviour is still there for backwards compatibility, but it's probably best to use the new versions.

Thanks to everyone who replied (with more or less the same answer ;)

This has explained away my confusion, and I now have a reference to read.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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