Richard Huxton wrote:
On Tuesday 24 February 2004 16:11, Jonathan M. Gardner wrote:

I've written a summary of my findings on implementing and using
materialized views in PostgreSQL. I've already deployed eagerly updating
materialized views on several views in a production environment for a
company called RedWeek: As a result, some queries
that were taking longer than 30 seconds to run now run in a fraction of a

You can view my summary at

Interesting (and well written) summary. Even if not a "built in" feature, I'm sure that plenty of people will find this useful. Make sure it gets linked to from techdocs.

If you could identify candidate keys on a view, you could conceivably automate the process even more. That's got to be possible in some cases, but I'm not sure how difficult it is to do in all cases.

Are there any plans to rewrite that in C and add proper support for SQL commands? (e.g. "CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW", "DROP VIEW", ...).

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