Rod Taylor wrote:

random_page_cost = 0.5

Try a value of 2 for a while.

OK thanks Richard and Rod. I've upped this to 2. I think I left this over from a previous play with setttings on my IDE RAID 0 workstation. It seemed to have a good effect being set as a low float so it stuck.

I've set it to 2.

From another post off list, I've also bumped up

max_fsm_relations = 1000   # min 10, fsm
max_fsm_pages = 20000      # min 1000, fs
vacuum_mem = 32768          # min 1024

as they did seem a little low. I'm hesitant to set them too high at this stage as I'd prefer to keep as much RAM available for runtime at this time.

I'm still hoping that perhaps the uber-pgadmin Mr Lane might reply about my WAL issue :) however I'm getting the feeling now the server is running with a much higher level of performance than it has been. Won't know until tomorrow thought.


Rob Fielding
Designer Servers Ltd

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