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>> Other than the disks, I am curious what other people are using in
>> terms of the horsepower needed. The Quad server has been keeping
>> up, but we are expecting quite high loads in the near future, and I
>> am not sure if just by having the disks on a high-end storage will
>> do it.
> Do a performance analysis of RH9.  My experience with RH on Xeon has
> been quite discouraging lately, and I've been recommending swapping
> stock kernels for the RH kernel.

By that, you mean that you recommend that RHAT kernels be replaced by
"stock" ones?

> Of course, if this is RHES, rather than the standard, then test &
> talk to RH instead.

If you're spending the money, better demand value from the vendor...

(And if RHAT is going to charge the big bucks, they'll have to provide
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