Mike Nolan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Can't you just create a TEXT(255) field same as you can just create 
>> VARCHAR  (with no length) field?  I think they're basically synonyms for 
>> each other these days.

> I'll defer to the SQL standard gurus on this, as well as to the internals
> guys, but I suspect there is a difference between the standard itself 
> and implementor details, such as how char, varchar, varchar2 and text 
> are implemented.  As long as things work as specified, I don't think 
> the standard cares much about what's happening behind the curtain.

TEXT is not a standard datatype at all; that is, you will not find it
in the standard, even though quite a few DBMSes have a datatype that
they call by that name.

Postgres' interpretation of TEXT is that there is no length-limitation
option.  I don't know what other DBMSes do with their versions of TEXT.

                        regards, tom lane

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