I have had a cluster failure on a table.  It most likely was due to space.
I do not not have the error message anymore, but it was indicating that it
was most likely a space problem.  The partition was filled to 99%.  The
table is about 56 GB and what I believe to be the new table that it was
writing to looks to be 40 files of  1GB. 

The problem is that it did not clean itself up properly.  

The oids that I believe it was writing to  are still  there.
There are 56 files of 102724113.* and 40 files of 361716097.*.
A vacuum had indicated that there was around 16 GB of free space.
I can not find any reference to 361716097 in the pg_class table.  
Am I going to have to manually delete the 361716097.* files myself?


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