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Subject: FreeBSD, PostgreSQL, semwait and sbwait!
Date: March 23, 2004 12:02 pm
From: "Jason Coene" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Hello all,

We're having a substantial problem with our FreeBSD 5.2 database server
running PostgreSQL - it's getting a lot of traffic (figure about 3,000
queries per second), but queries are slow, and it's seemingly waiting on
other things than CPU time

Could this be a 5.2 performance issue ?

In spite of certain areas where the 5.x series performance is known to be much better than 4.x (e.g networking), this may not be manifested in practice for a complete application.
(e.g. I am still running 4.9 as it outperformed 5.1 vastly for a ~100 database sessions running queries - note that I have not tried out 5.2, so am happy to be corrected on this)



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