>And we also created rules to allow update, delete, and insert on those 
>views so that they looked like tables.  The reason we did this is 
>because we ran into issues with too many open files during pg_dump when 
>we had thousands of tables instead of about 1 hundred tables and 
>thousands of views.

Is it because you had smaller value set for max. allowable number of open
files descriptor. what was ulimit -a set to ?

>We, however, did have a need to periodically select data from 2 schemas 
>at a time, and it was simpler logic than if we needed 2 database 

Adam Ruth

On Mar 22, 2004, at 2:30 PM, Subbiah, Stalin wrote:

> --sorry to repost, just subscribed to the list. hopefully it gets to 
> the
> list this time --
> Hi All,
> We are evaluating the options for having multiple databases vs. 
> schemas on a
> single database cluster for a custom grown app that we developed. Each 
> app
> installs same set of tables for each service. And the service could 
> easily
> be in thousands. so Is it better to have 1000 databases vs 1000 
> schemas in a
> database cluster. What are the performance overhead of having multiple
> databases vs. schemas (if any). I'm leaning towards having schemas 
> rather
> than databases but i would like to get others opinion on this. 
> Appreciate
> your reply.
> Thanks,
> Stalin
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