> Its a way of representing a tree with right-left pointers in each  
> record (basically re-inventing a hierarchical database
> in  a relational model...). A good description is in Joe Celko's SQL  
> For Smarties book. Selection is very fast because
> any node's children have node ID's between the right and left nodes of  
> said node, so there's no mucking about
> with connect by and what not. There's a synopsis linked at the PG  
> Cookbook pages (,
> but the cookbook seems to off-line (I think I'll offer to mirror it -  
> this happens frequently). There's another description at
> _requestid=65750.

I have a full implementation of this.  I was going to do it as a magazine 
article, so I've been holding it off line.   However, publication seems to be 
indefinitely delayed, so I'll probably post it on TechDocs as soon as I have 

-Josh Berkus
 Aglio Database Solutions
 San Francisco

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