Heiko Kehlenbrink wrote:

i want to convince people to use postgresql instead of ms-sql server, so i
set up a kind of comparission insert data / select data from postgresql /
ms-sql server


do you have any hints like compiler-flags and so on to get the answering
time from postgresql equal to ms-sql?

(btw both dbms were running on exactly the same hardware)

i use suse 8.1
     postgresql 7.2 compiled from the rpms for using postgis, but that is
anothe story...
     1.5 gig ram
     1.8 mhz intel cpu

every help welcome

Suse 8.1 comes with 2.4 series kernel I suppose. Many have witnessed a speed increase when using 2.6 series kernel. Might consider this too besides the newer PostgreSQL version already suggested. 2.6 has some scheduling options that are not enabled by default but may enhance database performance (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=75&e=2&u=/nf/20040405/tc_nf/23603).


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