Thanks, you are right.
         I use "postmaster -o "-F" " to start my PG,and performance improved greatly.

           Best   regards,
                         huang yaqin

>huang yaqin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>      I have some question when I use postgresql 7.4.1 on redhat adv server 2.1 .
>> I use IBM335 as server, it has 4 cpus, 1G RAM. but I got very bad performance.
>> I can only do about 50 inserts per sencond. Event worse than my pc(PIII 800,256M 
>> RAM), can anyone give me some advice?       
>If the cheap machine appears to be able to commit more transactions
>per second than the better one, it's very likely because the cheap
>machine has a disk that lies about write completion.  Is the server
>using SCSI disks by any chance?  To a first approximation, IDE drives
>lie by default, SCSI drives don't.
>                       regards, tom lane
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        huang yaqin

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