> > > LABEL=/usr/local/pgsql  /usr/local/pgsql      ext3
> > > noatime,data=writeback  1 2
> > > LABEL=/usr/local/pgsql  /usr/local/pgsql/wal  ext3
> > > noatime,data=ordered    1 2
> >
> > The same label mounted on two different mount points is probably I typo?
> No, the same label mounted on two different mount points is not a typo. This
> is the way it is in my /etc/fstab.
> Note that I did not create this file myself, it was created by the RedHat
> Enterprise Linux 3 ES installer. I created different partitions for the data
> directory (/usr/local/pgsql) and the wal directory (/usr/local/pgsql/wal)
> using the installer and this is how the /etc/fstab file ended up.
> Why, is this bad? They use the same label, but use different mount points?
> Can this cause problems?

Mmm... how can the mounter distinguish the two partitions?

Maybe I'm missing a concept here, but I thought labels must uniquely
identify partitions?

Seems suspicious to me...

Does it work? When you give just "mount" at the command line what output
do you get?

Bye, Chris.

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