Hm, this is odd. That says you've got 349519 live index entries in only
463 actively-used index pages, or an average of 754 per page, which
AFAICS could not fit in an 8K page. Are you using a nondefault value of
BLCKSZ? If so what?
Sorry, I forgot to specify I use BLCKSZ of 32768, the same blokck's size for newfs, the same for RAID slice's size.
I test the drive sometimes ago, and found a speed win if the slice size the disk block size and the read block size was the same.

I do not think that a different BLCKSZ should exhibit a slowdown as the one I found.

If you *are* using default BLCKSZ then this index must be corrupt, and
what you probably need to do is REINDEX it.  But before you do that,
could you send me a copy of the index file?
Do you want the index file now, or may I try something before?

Jean-Gérard Pailloncy

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