On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 15:18, Tom Lane wrote:
> Robert Treat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Well, the first problem is why is ANALYZE's estimate of the total row
> count so bad :-( ?  I suspect you are running into the situation where
> the initial pages of the table are thinly populated and ANALYZE
> mistakenly assumes the rest are too. 

That was my thinking, which is somewhat confirmed after a vacuum full on
the table; now analyze gives pretty accurate states.  Of course the
downside is that now the query is consistently slower. 

> > so i guess i am wondering if there is something I should be doing to
> > help get the better plan at the more accurate stats levels and/or why it
> > doesn't stick with the original plan (I noticed disabling merge joins
> > does seem to push it back to the original plan). 
> With the larger number of estimated rows it's figuring the nestloop will
> be too expensive.  The row estimate for the cl scan went up from 1248
> to 10546, so the estimated cost for the nestloop plan would go to about
> 240000 units vs 80000 for the mergejoin plan.  This is obviously off
> rather badly when the true runtimes are 1.7 vs 8.1 seconds :-(.
> I think this is an example of a case where we really need better
> estimation of nestloop costs --- it's drastically overestimating the
> relative cost of the nestloop because it's not accounting for the cache
> benefits of the repeated index searches.  You could probably force the
> nestloop to be chosen by lowering random_page_cost, but that's just a
> kluge solution ... the real problem is the model is wrong.

Unfortunately playing with random_page_cost doesn't seem to be enough to
get it to favor the nested loop... though setting it down to 2 does help
overall.  played with index_cpu_tuple_cost a bit but that seemed even
less useful. aggravating when you know there is a better plan it could
pick but no (clean) way to get it to do so...  

> I have a to-do item to work on this, and will try to bump up its
> priority a bit.

I'll keep an eye out, thanks Tom.

Robert Treat
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