> We have a web app with a postgres backend.  Most queries have subsecond 
> response times through the web even with high usage.  Every once in awhile 
> someone will run either an ad-hoc query or some other long running db 
> process.  

Are you sure it is postgres where the delay is occurring?  I ask this
because I also have a web-based front end to postgres, and while most of
the time the queries respond in about a second every now and then I see
one that takes much longer, sometimes 10-15 seconds.

I've seen this behavior on both my development system and on the
production server.  

The same query a while later might respond quickly again.

I'm not sure where to look for the delay, either, and it is intermittent
enough that I'm not even sure what monitoring techniques to use.
Mike Nolan

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