Have you checked Tsearch2


is the most feature rich Full text Search system available
for postgresql. We are also using the same system in
the revamped version of our website.


Mark Stosberg wrote:


I work for Summersault, LLC. We've been using Postgres since the days of
Postgres 6.5. We're focused on building database-driven websites using Perl and
Postgres. We are currently seeking help developing a search system that needs
to perform complex queries with high performance. Although we have strong
skills in Perl and Postgres, we are new to the arena of complex,
high-performance search systems.

We are seeking to hire a consultant to help this as part of the re-vamp
of the 1-800-Save-A-Pet.com website.

1-800-Save-A-Pet.com is a not-for-profit organization whose website
finds homes for homeless pets, promoting pet adoption and saving
thousands of animal lives.  Summersault, LLC is a website development
firm focused on creating highly customized database driven websites.

The ideal consultant has expert experience with the PostgreSQL RDBMS and
the Perl programming language, and is intimately familiar with the
architecture and implementation of complex database queries for
high-traffic web applications. The consultant should also have a strong
background in creating solutions complementary to this work, e.g.
assessing hardware requirements, designing a hosting and network
infrastructure, and optimizing the algorithm based on real-world
feedback.  The consultant will work with Summersault developers as a
part of a larger application development process.

Interested persons or organizations should contact Chris Hardie of
Summersault, LLC at [EMAIL PROTECTED] for more information.



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