Sean Shanny wrote:
explain analyze SELECT, t2.url FROM referral_temp t2 LEFT OUTER JOIN d_referral t1 ON t2.url = t1.referral_raw_url ORDER BY;

What I would like to know is if there are better ways to do the join? I need to get all the rows back from the referral_temp table as they are used for assigning FK's for the fact table later in processing. When I iterate over the values that I get back those with = null I assign a new FK and push both into the d_referral table as new entries as well as a text file for later use. The matching records are written to a text file for later use.

Would something like this work any better (without disabling index scans):

SELECT, t2.url
FROM referral_temp t2, d_referral t1
WHERE t1.referral_raw_url = t2.url;

<process rows with a match>

SELECT, t2.url
FROM referral_temp t2
(select 1 FROM d_referral t1 WHERE t1.referral_raw_url = t2.url);

<process rows without a match>



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