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On Tue, 11 May 2004, Paul Tuckfield wrote:

> If you are having a "write storm" or bursty writes that's burying 
> performance, a scsi raid controler with writeback cache will greatly 
> improve the situation, but I do believe they run around $1-2k.   If 
> it's write specific problem, the cache matters more than the striping, 
> except to say that write specfic perf problems should avoid raid5

Actually, a single channel MegaRAID 320-1 (single channel ultra 320) is 
only $421 at http://www.siliconmechanics.com/c248/u320-scsi.php  It works 
pretty well for me, having 6 months of a production server on one with 
zero hickups and very good performance.  They have a dual channel intel 
card for only $503, but I'm not at all familiar with that card.

The top of the line megaraid is the 320-4, which is only $1240, which 
ain't bad for a four channel RAID controller.

Battery backed cache is an addon, but I think it's only about $80 or so.

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If you don't mind slumming on ebay :-) keep an eye out for PERC III cards,
they are dell branded LSI cards. Perc = Power Edge Raid Controller. There
are models on there dual channel u320 and dell usually sells them with
battery backed cache.  That's how I have acquired all my high end raid


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