>>>> Index Scan using pk_storico_misure_2 on storico_misure 
>>>>(cost=0.00..1984.64 rows=658 width=21) (actual 
>>>>rows=835 loops=1)
>>>>   Index Cond: ((data_tag > '2004-05-03 
>>>00:00:00'::timestamp without 
>>>>time zone) AND (data_tag < '2004-05-12 00:00:00'::timestamp without 
>>>>zone) AND (tag_id = 37423))
>>>Either most of the time is spent skipping index tuples in 
>>>the data_tag range 2004-05-03 to 2004-05-12 which have 
>>>tag_id <> 37423, or getting those 835 rows causes a lot of 
>>>disk seeks.
>>>If the former is true, an index on (tag_id, data_tag) will help.
Is true , i recreate the indexes making an index on  (tag_id, data_tag)
and works fine . 

>>>In your first message you wrote:
>>>>fsync = false
>>>Do this only if you don't care for your data.

I set it to false , for performance tests .I've a stored procedure that
make about 2000 insert in 2 tables and 2000 delete in another and with
fsync false perfomrmance are  2.000 -3.000 ms (stable) with fsync 3.000
ms to 15.000 ms . I trust in my hardware an O.S so fsync setting is a
big dubt for my production enviroment .

Thanks a lot


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