Sorry about that, I meant kbytes, not megs.  My point being it's NOT 
measured in 8k blocks, like a lot of other settings.  sorry for the mixup.

On Fri, 7 May 2004, Bricklen wrote:

> scott.marlowe wrote:
> > sort_mem might do with a small bump, especially if you're only handling a 
> > few connections at a time.  Be careful, it's per sort, and measured in 
> > megs, so it's easy for folks to set it too high and make their machine 
> > start flushing too much kernel cache, which will slow down the other 
> > backends that have to go to disk for data.
> <snip>
> (under "Memory"), it says that sort_mem is set in KB. Is this document 
> wrong (or outdated)?
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