Bruce Momjian wrote:

4. I understand that a "background writer" is being contemplated for
7.5.  Will that replace or augment the checkpoint process?  Any
comments on how that work will apply to my problem would be
appreciated. I wouldn't mind seeing the average performance,
(without the spikes) go up -- let's say -- 10%, in exchange for
more uniform performance. These spikes are a real problem.

The background writer is designed to address your specific problem.  We
will stil checkpoint, but the spike should be greatly minimized.

Thanks. Do you know when 7.5 is expected to be released?

Until then, is a workaround known? Also, are the delays I'm seeing out of the ordinary?
I'm looking at one case in which two successive transactions, each updating a handful 
records, take 26 and 18 *seconds* (not msec) to complete. These transactions normally 
in under 30 msec.

Jack Orenstein

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